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We are here to provide all the health benefits of tea. Our tea comes directly from the source, we have China’s finest selection of world renowned and famous teas, its fresh and of the highest quality we provide over 50 gourmet tea’s at an exceptional price, we also offer free shipping. Healthy Herbal Tea is the best place to buy Chinese tea online. We have the best white tea, genuine Chinese pure green tea, organic Matcha green tea powder, oolong tea, black tea and many others.

For centuries people have used tea as an alternative medicine to treat anything from cancer to nausea and many other illnesses. New scientific research supports these claims and studies have shown that drinking tea minimizes ones risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and several types of cancer. There are a wide range of flavors and types of tea that host of different preventative and counteractive health benefits.Learn how sipping on a cup tea could be the answer to your health concerns.